The Seasons Team and their Stories

Everyone knows that the core of a successful operation is its team. At Seasons, we couldn’t agree more but we define a successful team a little differently. Finding a skilled workforce is relatively easy, but assembling a team that blends a strong desire to serve others, creative thinking, event planning skills, and a knowledge of the funeral industry takes a little more work.  We are fortunate to have that rare blend of staff at Seasons. We hope you enjoy reading about what makes our hearts beat just a little harder and how that translates into serving you.


Allison Copening - CEO

headshot allisonIt’s gratifying to be able to offer a service that helps people when they need it most. 

As a third-generation Las Vegan born on the 4th of July, my passion for ancestry and country runs deep.  I believe with all my heart that properly honoring a loved one who has passed away is important to the mourning process and, subsequently, the healing process for family and friends. We all live incredibly unique lives; and when it is over, our final farewell should reflect that unique history.

Having a large family in Las Vegas, I have said goodbye to many family and friends over the years. Additionally with a background in marketing and event planning, I frequently assisted with funerals and memorials, sometimes planning the service and subsequent gathering from start to finish. It was exhausting, to say the least. Many times I had to suspend my own grieving process to make sure the work was completed, as was the case when my brother, Michael, died in 2008. I began Seasons with the desire to help families with this daunting process, and my brother remains my inspiration today.

This leads to my second passion – helping others. Whether it’s through volunteering with charitable organizations, being an advocate for the elderly, or encouraging women to confront their fears, I sleep well at night when I know I have impacted someone in a positive way. 

My professional career spanned over 20 years in the marketing, public relations and event planning fields. I previously worked for a large funeral home in Las Vegas as a funeral services director and as an advanced planning director. 

I served in the Nevada State Senate from 2008-2012 representing District 6, and I am a proud UNLV graduate (B.A., 1989). I am also a graduate of the Stratford Career Institute’s Funeral Services Education program and In-Sight Books’ Certified Celebrant Program. 

I am an advocate of giving back to my community and in 2010 founded Cover Up, Nevada!, a non-profit dedicated to educating Nevadans about melanoma. I also serve on the board of Helping Hands Surgical Care and have previously served on the boards of the Desert Research Institute Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and Kid’s Voting, Nevada.

Seasons Funeral Planning Services has been my vision for more than a decade. I am fortunate to have this opportunity to serve my neighbors in Southern Nevada.

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Jodi Paige

headshot jodi

Growing up in the Sonoran desert in Arizona, life was filled with new traditions of an East Coast family putting down roots in the West, with moments of celebration, ritual and growth. As the youngest child to three older brothers and being the only daughter, I have always celebrated individuality.

Paying tribute has always been a theme in my life; through the arts, theatre and festival management. I’ve enjoyed many career highlights including managing backstage operations for Seattle Repertory Theatre, advancing logistics for national act concerts and festivals, and teaching production and stage management at Cornish College of the Arts. I am a graduate of the theatre production program at Arizona State University and have served on the advisory board of UNLV’s Nevada Conservatory Theatre. From setting up shows in my living room as a child to producing large scale events, regional theatre, art and music festivals, cabarets and touring shows, the 1986 World Exposition in Vancouver, to producing Cirque du Soleil in an original program for the launch of the Springs Preserve, I am always striving to produce experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

I am at home in the search for symbolism of what we hold dear – where honesty and a sense of ceremony meet. I love to research, write and conceptualize, so becoming a certified Life Tribute Celebrant was a natural complement to planning and implementing funeral and memorial services. The memories shared upon experiencing a death in the family provide a rich oral history for the next generation. That lasting legacy offers comfort to family and friends. I find a deep sense of gratitude in helping to tell that story and presenting a celebration of life that is moving, memorable and genuine.

Ericka Predmore

headshot erickaI am proud to call myself a Las Vegas native. I treasure my time growing up here, and I am excited to be among the first to introduce Seasons Funeral Planning Services to Las Vegas.

I was exposed at a young age to the difficulty and heartache that a death can cause a family. Before I turned 21, I had buried both of my grandparents, who had raised me. The funeral process – the many phone calls, decisions and running around – all while mourning our loss – was overwhelming at times. When a family member passed away, I was never more grateful for the comfort and support of my extended family.  However, no matter how large our family, when a funeral had to be planned, there always seemed to be more work than we could handle. 

When my grandmother passed in 2008, I was able to help my family with other funeral, burial, and reception needs. Although I felt at peace in helping my family and very comfortable in a normally uncomfortable situation, I never really thought about the idea of working in the funeral industry. It wasn’t until after I graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, returned home, and was faced with the passing of my aunt that I was moved to work in this field. 

Allison Copening put her vision of Seasons Funeral Planning Services to work for our family in coordinating my aunt’s funeral, and I was able to see firsthand how important this would be to the Las Vegas community. Seeing not only her heart, but more so her drive and passion for what she was doing was very inspiring. To be able to provide such a service to families in need truly fills me with an overwhelming sense of joy.  I am grateful to be a part of the Seasons team, and I look forward to putting my communication and marketing degree to work for such an extraordinary purpose.  

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