It was very helpful having Seasons as a central point of contact throughout a very stressful time.”

The funeral was the last thing anyone wanted to deal with during a horrible time, but having Seasons Funeral Planning Services removed the responsibility and burden from any family member, allowing all of us to spend time together. 

Allison’s extremely kind attitude made me feel, at first, that I was receiving some sort of special treatment; but, by the end, I saw that her enthusiasm is essentially who she is and that she has a true sense to be helpful and gracious to everyone.

Craig Powell
Las Vegas, Nevada

I want to express my gratitude to Seasons for helping to make the most difficult time in my life less stressful. When my mother passed, you walked me through the funeral process, helped me find the right funeral home, and took on the burden of helping me make the many difficult decisions.

Burying a loved one is painful enough, but knowing there are tough decisions to be made immediately makes the event that much more difficult or trying. Seasons took many tasks off my hand and eliminatedsome of the stress of planning a funeral.

Seasons took my mother’s memorial service from inception to the very end. I did not have to worry about any aspect of the service and reception. Instead, I was able to spend that time with my family, and for that I am grateful.

My mother believed in celebrating life. She was a devout Christian, and it was important to her that her service reflected her beliefs. Her service, from beginning to end, did just that. What Seasons designed and coordinated is exactly what she would have wanted had she been here to direct us!

I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me and our family. Knowing the love and careful detail you put into my mother's memorial service makes me know that this is not simply a "job" to you.

Diana Hampton
Henderson, Nevada

Seasons Funeral Planning Services did a fantastic job with my mom’s service. They did things I could not have thought of and things we did not have the energy to do. They took care of all the details so our family could focus on being together.

My mother’s service would not have been as beautiful or personal and would not have run as smoothly if Seasons Funeral Planning Services hadn’t planned it with us and made sure everything went according to plan.

Liz Greenspan
Las Vegas, Nevada

I just want to thank you for the kind service my family and I received when we lost our father in Las Vegas in April. You helped our family with a very difficult situation of getting him back home to us in Iowa in time for his funeral.

We were having a frustrating time with getting our father’s funeral plans taken care of; but when we called Seasons, you stepped in and got answers and helped us so much. I only wish you had been the one to handle our father’s plans from the beginning.

Thank you so much; your service was greatly appreciated.

Suzanne Fontanini
Des Moines, Iowa