One-Of-A-Kind Tributes

     More and more people are choosing to honor their loved ones after their passing with non-traditional and non-religious services and celebrations. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find someone to officiate or help plan these ceremonies. Season Funeral Planning Services can. Two members of our team, Allison and Jodi, are certified by the In-Sight Books’ Certified Celebrant Program, to help create and execute these special, one-of-a-kind tributes for those who have passed. 

     The Celebrant Foundation recently released a report detailing a part of a celebrant service that is becoming increasingly popular, End-of-Life Tributes. These special moments and actions allow those connected to the deceased feel and see that the mark their loved one left on the world is lasting, and will be remembered. 

     Some people select a more lasting and tangible tribute. The article cites stories of families who purchased a bench in memoriam of a son at his high school campus and memorial gardens where evergreen trees were planted in honor of the deceased.

     Some pay tribute by highlighting one of their loved one’s passions or pastimes. Family members, the Celebrant Foundation writes, had a “ball” hoisting a huge disco mirror ball up at their grandmother’s service and even played her favorite tunes from the era. Others invited attendees to stand their fishing poles up around and near their father’s casket, an avid fisher who bonded with his sons and friends on the lake. 

     It’s easy to see that grieving and mourning is a different process for all, but one thing is certain: taking time to honor in a unique way those who have left us can be one of the many stepping stones toward healing. 

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