About Seasons Certified Celebrants

Like the chapters of a book, you have a story to tell.

Seasons certified celebrants can turn the average service into something more uniquely reflective of the deceased. One that becomes one of honor. As life tribute specialists, we deliver a personalized ceremony designed to honor the person who has passed and create a comforting memory for family and friends.

Seasons Funeral Planning Services is delighted to be the first independent company in southern Nevada to offer certified celebrant services to all area funeral homes and families.  

The Role of the Celebrant

Seasons celebrants are specially trained to design a ceremony that is thoughtful and personal, and incorporates the family’s unique stories, music and experiences defining their loved one. The process starts with gathering family and friends together to share memories, anecdotes and defining moments of their loved one’s life. After the gathering, your celebrant will write a customized and personalized life tribute based on the provided remembrances and information, and deliver it in a meaningful way at the service.

Celebrants can design a service with or without clergy involved. Often times, celebrants are used for families that do not affiliate with a particular religion, desire a non-religious ceremony, or consider themselves spiritual but not religious. Seasons celebrants can deliver just the type of service a family desires.

allison and jodi

Seasons’ Allison Copening and Jodi Paige are certified celebrants trained by Doug Manning and Glenda Stansbury at the In-Sight Institute. The in-depth training included understanding grief, the value and process of the funeral service, writing and consulting skills, acting as a Master of Ceremonies, and public presentation skills. 

Services include:

  • 2-hour meeting with family and friends to share stories and gather information
  • Assistance with the elements and order of the service
  • Custom written life tribute 
  • Delivery of the life tribute at the service
  • Assistance with distribution of a memory gift, if desired
  • Written copy of the life tribute for the family following service

Celebrant services are used for:

  • Funeral, Memorial or Celebration of Life Services
  • Interments or Graveside Services
  • Scattering of Remains Services
  • Anniversaries or significant occasions

The fee for our certified celebrants is $395


Ask for our services at your local funeral home or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a celebrant.