Funeral & Memorial Services

Seasons believes that holding a service is extremely important to the grieving and healing process – whether it’s held at a funeral home, a house of worship, a local park or a person’s home. A ceremony gives the family and friends the chance to honor and say goodbye to their loved one and  support each other as they mourn the loss.

churchThe Reality of Funeral Planning.

A fact about funeral planning is that much of it is left up to the family to handle. Funeral homes take care of many of the important details of the arrangements for the funeral, but the family is responsible for the rest of the planning and implementation not covered by funeral homes’ services.

This may include any personalization of the service, the writing and submission of a personalized obituary, calling family and friends to provide service details, assisting with hotel reservations, delivering burial clothes, coordinating and managing the people participating in the service, decorating the facility, and more.

Additionally, many people choose other venues in which to hold the service, such as houses of worship or a country club. With non-traditional venues, even more responsibility for the implementation falls to family.

Seasons is your personal service planner.

A family should not have to worry about the details of a service after a death occurs. This is where Seasons steps in. We will take the many responsibilities off your hands so that your family can spend time with each other and focus on healing together.

Our planning services range from being your “helping hand” to managing the entire service process to designing a custom service.

Personalizing a Service

Seasons staff has expertise in  drawing your loved one’s story out and personalizing a service by utilizing keepsakes and mementos. We also can develop a theme around our gallery of beautiful frames, easels, memorial boards and more. Personalization can include decorating with the loved one’s favorite colors, using special music for the funeral prelude and recession, personalized memorial videos and memorial folders, and remembrance gifts to give to attendees.

Seasons also provides videotaping of the service for family and friends.

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